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Cool offices: Volksbank in Bolzano, Italy
INNOCAD Architecture and Berg und Tal have collaborated to design...
Cool offices: Cards Against Humanity in Chicago, USA
von Weise Associates have designed a new office space...
Cool offices: FLASH Entertainment in Abu Dhabi, UAE
M+N Architecture has designed the new offices of FLASH...
Cool offices: Tribal DDB in Casablanca, Morocco
Identity Design has designed the new offices of global...
Furniture: smart TableAir
TableAir is a smart, connected standing desk with a...
Cool offices: iHeartMedia in Washington DC, USA
Design Republic has designed the new offices of iHeartMedia located...
Cool offices: Naked Wines in Norwich, UK
Bluespace has designed the new offices of wholesale wine...
Cool offices: Literacy Alliance in Chicago, USA
Partners by Design has designed the new offices of...
Cool offices: Adyax offices in Paris, France
Parisian practice Stephane Malka Architecture have developed the headquarters...
Cool offices: DCI Engineers in Spokane, USA
HDG Architecture | Design have completed the design for the...
Cool offices: Sprouts Farmers Market in Phoenix, USA
RSP Architects has created a new office design for...
Cool offices: PEMCO Insurance offices in Spokane, USA
HDG Architecture | Design have completed the design for the...
Furniture: the ‘origami inspired’ Flux Chair
The Flux chair. The award-winning Dutch design. Looks like a...
Cool offices: BrandOpus HQ in London, UK
BrandOpus headquarters in London, design by Align. The brief was...
Cool offices: Red Bull’s offices in Stockholm, Sweden
The new Stockholm office of energy drink company Red...
Cool offices: Interchange in London, UK
Interchange, a new space for entrepreneurs, startups and creatives...
Cool offices: Ooyala offices in Santa Clara, USA
HGA Architects and Engineers has developed a new office...
Furniture: extended Tabu chair collection by Eugeni Quitllet for Alias
Eugeni Quitllet presents a reconsidered version of ‘Tabu’ chair for...
Cool offices: The Santander Center in Spain
The Santander International Entrepreneurship Center (CISEin Spanish) has carried...
Cool offices: Weebly offices in San Francisco, USA
Weebly office space in San Francisco, USA. Designed by Huntsman...
Furniture: lightweight and eco-friendly Pipo stool
DAM is a Portuguese design studio that combines in...
Cool offices: Chive offices in Austin, USA
The Chive Resignation Media offices in Austin, USA designed by...
Sustainable furniture: “Campaign” launches line of cleverly built and packaged sustainable furniture
Former Apple engineers Brad Sewell and Raul Molina just...
Cool offices: Optimedia in Moscow, Russia
Nefa Architects have completed the design for the OPTIMEDIA...
Sustainable furniture: cardboard sofa
Inspired by the flexibility of an Accordion, these designers...
Cool offices: offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Catinat Design has designed a new office space for one of...
Cool offices: Interactive offices in Melbourne, Australia
Arnold Lane has developed a new office design for...
Furniture: Opendesk provides open-source furniture for Kano office
Open-source furniture company Opendesk has created customised workspace fittings for self-build...
Cool offices: easyCredit offices in Nuremberg, Germany
Evolution Design has created a new headquarters for easyCredit,...
Cool offices: luxury garden office pod
The way people work is changing… The cost and...
Furniture: no smartphones allowed – the Offline chair
Every morning millions of people around the world wake...
Cool offices: office space for work and relax
Architecture firm ARKIZ have recently completed the Brazil office...
Cool offices: Atlas Holdings offices in Greenwich, USA
HLW has developed a new office design for private...
The Level – designed to move
You were designed to move – It’s likely your...
Cool offices: G Adventures in London, UK
Area Sq has designed the offices of G Adventures...
Furniture: colourful modular seating
French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance has created a collection of lozenge-shaped seats...
Cool offices: Southampton Freight in Southampton, UK
Space & Solutions designed a new home for family...
Cool offices: Alert Logic in Cardiff, UK
Space & Solutions has designed the new offices of...
Cool offices: Yelp offices in New York City, USA
Design Republic has recently completed the design of a...
Cool offices: Rocket Fuel in Chicago, USA
Partners by Design has developed a new office space...
Cool offices: Pegasystems offices in Hyderabad, India
DSP Design Associates has developed a new office space for...
Cool offices: The Icehouse coworking office in Auckland, New Zealand
Spaceworks has designed a new office space for The...
Furniture: a chair made from a single piece of bent aluminium
Czech designer Petr Badura, has created the Mono Chair,...
Cool offices: in Moscow, Russia
Meandre LLC has developed the new Moscow offices of...
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Design Blitz has recently completed the design of a...
Vitra Workspace opens in a Gehry factory building
London architect Pernilla Ohrstedt and Los Angeles designer Jonathan...

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We started this blog five years ago with the aim to attract attention to,...

Flight search engine Skyscanner has recently moved into a new office located in Budapest,...

3g Office has developed a new office design for multinational product company Unilever located...

Paris-based ARRO Studio has transformed a 19th-century warehouse into the design studio for British...

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5 years ago
Turnover of 100 European office furniture makers

The most recent updates on turnover figures of professional furniture makers (worldwide) can always be found on You can find it here.

Courtesy of Officenieuws here’s a listing of the top 100 European professional furniture manufacturers via the FEMB – the European Federation of Office Furniture. Most turnover figures are from 2011.

Not all figures are up-to-date or entirely correct. A couple of examples: the figure of Ahrend is from 2010: in 2011 they achieved a turnover level of EUR 213 million. The Dutch VDB group is missing as well. Drentea, for example, achieved a turnover level of EUR 9 million in 2011 and its sister company Vepa, EUR 11.5 million.

Please use for the daily updated, and correct, figures.

# Company name Turnover in EUR million
1 Kinnarps Holding AB 481.91
2 Steelcase SA 394.93
3 Vitra Holding AG 290.87
4 Nowy Styl SP Z.O.O. 241.50
5 Groupe Clestra Hauserman 213.75
6 USM Holding AG 196.17
7 Koninklije Ahrend NV (group incl Techo) 190.30
8 Haworth Europe 187.28
9 Lienhard Office Group AG (Lista; InterOffice;Denz) 175.30
10 Sedus Stoll Aktiengesellschaft 157.29
11 Bene AG 153.05
12 Konig + Neurath AG 141.00
13 Scandinavian Business Seating AS (SBS) 137.15
14 Martela OY 130.70
15 EFG Holding AB 125.86
16 Senator International Ltd 121.09
17 Interstuhl Bueromoebel GmbH & Co KG 112.10
18 Majencia SA 108.51
19 Dauphin Office Interiors GmbH & Co KG 107.25
20 Wilkhahn Group 90.34
21 Dynamobel SA 90.04
22 Bisley Office Equipment 86.86
23 Topstar GmbH 81.60
24 Herman Miller Ltd 78.17
25 C + P Moebelsysteme GmbH & Co. KG 77.58
26 European Office Log (EOL Group) 73.37
27 Assmann Bueromoebel GmbH & Co. KG 72.80
28 Unifor spa 72.00
29 Sokoa Group 71.66
30 Estel spa 67.75
31 Giroflex Holding AG 65.21
32 Palmberg Bueroeinrichtungen & Service GmbH 61.47
33 Girsberger Holding AG 58.69
34 VS Vereinigte Spezialmoenelfabriken GmbH & Co. 58.62
35 Ergodata Group 58.00
36 Actiu Berbegal y Formas SA 57.22
37 Gispen International BV 54.19
38 Frezza SPA 52.66
39 Isku Interior OY 52.51
40 Methis-Divisione arredamento ufficio, Coopsette s 52.01
41 Koleksiyon Mobilya AS 51.98
42 Faram spa 49.66
43 Duba B8 AS 49.29
44 Ceha Buro Mobilyalari Ltd 47.52
45 Forster Metallbau GmbH 46.73
46 Bruynzeel Group 44.97
47 Profim Sp.zoo 42.59
48 WINI Bueromoebel Georg Schmidt GmbH & Co KG 41.00
49 Hali Bueromoebel GmbH 40.47
50 Fritz Schilfer Gmbh- SSI Schilfer 39.80
51 Edsbyverken AB 39.67
52 Orangebox Limited 38.85
53 Neuddoerfler Office Systems GmbH 38.00
54 Walter Knoll AG & Co KG 37.80
55 Arfeo SAS 37.11
56 Rohde & Grahl GmbH 36.07
57 Las Mobil srl 35.84
58 Wellemoebel GmbH 35.44
59 Wiesner-Hager Moebel GmbH 34.50
60 Kusch+Co GmbH & Co KG 33.80
61 Sitag AG 33.46
62 Clen 32.68
63 Straehle Raum-Systeme GmbH 32.20
64 Godfrey Syrett (Holdings) Limited 31.69
65 Fantoni spa 31.43
66 Boss Design + Komac 30.80
67 Sitland spa 30.65
68 Moebelwerk Svoboda GmbH & Co KG 28.80
69 Gautier France SA 28.79
70 Ofita SA 26.10
71 Ceka GmbH & Co. KG 25.30
72 Ophelis GmbH 25.00
73 Tvilum Moebelfabrik – Scanbirk A/S 24.47
74 REISS Bueromoebel GmbH 24.00
75 Buronomic 23.77
76 Gresham Office Furniture Limited 23.34
77 OKA-Bueromoebel GmbH & Co. KG 22.90
78 Hund Bueromoebel GmbH 22.84
79 Kloeber GmbH 22.72
80 Mobel Linea SL 22.59
81 Grupo Forma 5 Slu 22.42
82 Nurus as 21.88
83 Dams Furniture 21.57
84 Pami NV 21.01
85 Citterio spa 20.68
86 TDS Office Design 20.45
87 Knoll International spa 20.26
88 fm Bueromeobel Franz Meyer GmbH & Co. KG 20.00
89 Quadrifoglio spa 18.71
90 TC Group (WW (UK) Limited t/a) 18.05
91 Thonet GmbH 18.00
92 Broadstock Office Furniture Limited 17.82
93 Robberechts NV 17.67
94 Elite Office Furniture (UK) Limited 17.62
95 Febru Bueromoebel Produktions und Vertriebs GmbH 17.18
96 Leuwico Bueromoebel GmbH & Co KG 16.20
97 FREM Group 14.84
98 Bulo Kantoormeublen 14.80
99 Vielhauer Bueromoebel Systeme GmbH & Co 14.60
100 Task Systems Limited 14.17


via FEMB – european federation of office furniture: Statistics.

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